Chateau Suites is a boutique hotel with rustic elegance, luxury accommodations, intimate ambiance, gracious service and warm hospitality.

Our “standard” perks are decidedly non-standard

We take your travels from standard to stand-out with extras like our free hosted 24 hot breakfast in our KJ Dinner. Up for more goodies like free WiFi? Then give your travels an upgrade by joining our Chateau Rewards program.


It happens to the best of us. You know, open the roller bag and get ready to settle in, only to realize you’ve forgotten... Not to worry. Chateau has you covered with the travel amenities you need - and maybe a few you hadn’t even considered. Simply call our front desk and ask away. We’re happy to help. Here’s what all of our boutique hotel have on hand. If you don’t see something you need, let the front desk knows and we’ll do our best to get it for you.

Humidifier | Straightening Iron | Hair Dryer | Feminine Care Products | Heating Pad | Makeup Mirror | Sewing Kit | Extension Cord | Computer/Mobile Chargers | Collar Stays | Contact Lens Solution | Spray Wrinkle Remover | Stain Remover Wipes | Static Guard | Dental Floss | Mouthwash | Tweezers | Lint Roller | Nail | Clippers | Hair Spray | Nail File | Comb | Night Light | Super Glue


Check-in to Fun, Family-Friendly Amenities
Remember how amazing your first trip was as a kid? Ah yes, the open road, new cities, animal print robes. Wait! We didn’t have those... and that’s exactly our point. With Chateau, these delights will turn their experience into one fabulous fun zone. And since our boutique hotel is located in the historical Valley Forge urban areas, you’ll also find that we’re near kid-friendly attractions like parks, bike paths and children’s museums.